"How do you make sure what you do really works? Model someone who is already successful. All the tools I’ve come up with, some I’ve obviously created but the foundation came by standing on the shoulders of other giants. I went out and found somebody that’s already got the result. Why re-invent the wheel? Success leaves clues. Find the best and figure out what they’re doing. Do that. Alter it, find your view of it. But start from what’s already working instead of starting from scratch and trial and error.” - Anthony Robbins


See, a lot of people think that failure is a step backward. No, no, no. Failure is a step forward; a step forward in the right direction. Every time you fail you learn something from it, you gain something from it. You feel less anxiety when you’re doing it again. You want to think that’s a step backward? That’s progress in every sense of the word.

There is no guarantee in life. But there is one guarantee: if you don’t take action there will be no outcome at all. No positive outcome. The outcome will be that you didn’t achieve anything. You didn’t achieve what you wanted.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pelé

Think I have to send you a reminder.

"My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match. However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into victories." - Björn Borg

Dedication. Determination. Discipline.

"Most people should be talking about how Floyd Mayweather is a great undefeated future Hall of Famer that’s his own promoter and that works extremely hard to get to where he’s at. Instead, all you hear is hate and jealous remarks from critics who criticize me and, you know, most of the time, the people that criticize me can’t do what I can do." - Floyd Mayweather

Hard work. Dedication.

"I am grateful for all my victories, but I am especially grateful for my losses, because they only made me work harder." - Muhammad Ali

Grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

"Work ethic eliminates fear." - Michael Jordan

No fear.

"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional." - Roger Crawford

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

"What counts in the ring is what you can do after you’re exhausted. The same is true of life." - Muhammad Ali

Let me send you a reminder.


 If you want to create. If you want to innovate. If you want to create a revolution. You’ve got to imagine.

"Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." - Albert Einstein


Whatever legacy you’re going to leave; leave your legacy. Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort, nobody can judge effort!


It is up to you to decide what is impossible for you. Are you going to listen to those other people that say no you can’t do it. The ones who are living small. Who does it benefit to live small? Nobody. It doesn’t help them, it doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help the world.


"If life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up" - Les Brown

Don’t let the distractions distract you.
You’ve got to keep moving, don’t stop.

Have a great week everybody!


The difference between the weak and the strong is that when the strong have no more left they fight, they fight, they fight. The weak, when they have no more left, they quit, they give up, they give in, they surrender, they retreat; and there is nothing weak about you. Fight your way through it because victory is on the other side.


I don’t have time is an excuse made by lazy people. You’ll never find the time, you must make the time. There is no better time than now. Action is always the answer.

Have a great week everybody!

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