June 24, 1980 - The Atlanta Flames franchise moved to Calgary, Alberta


The Atlanta Flames were a professional ice hockey team based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 1972 to 1980. In 1980, team owner Tom Cousins was in considerable financial difficulty and was forced to sell the Flames to stave off bankruptcy. With few serious offers from local groups, he was very receptive to an offer from a group of Calgary businessmen fronted by Canadian entrepreneur (and former Edmonton Oilers owner) Nelson Skalbania. A last-ditch effort to keep the team in Atlanta fell short, and Cousins sold the team to Skalbania for US$16 million, a record sale price for an NHL team at the time. Skalbania chose to retain the Flames name, feeling it would be a good fit for an oil town like Calgary, while the flaming “A” logo was replaced by a flaming “C”. Skalbania sold his interest in 1981, and the Flames have been locally owned since. The team was relocated to Calgary for the start of the 1980–81 NHL season and were officially renamed the Calgary Flames.

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Mar. 23, 1952 - Bill Mosienko scored the fastest hat trick in NHL history, 3 goals in 21 seconds

Bill Mosienko played 14 seasons in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks. He appeared in five All-Star Games during his career. His most famous moment came on March 23, 1952, in a game against the New York Rangers on the final night of the regular season. He scored three goals in a 21-second span of the third period against New York’s Lorne Anderson to set a new record for the fastest hat-trick by one player. Line-mate Gus Bodnar assisted on all three goals, and he nearly had a fourth goal 45 seconds later on a shot that deflected off the goalpost. As of 2014 Mosienko’s feat remains an NHL record.

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Jan. 20, 1983 - Western Hockey League player Tom Martin traded for used bus

One of the more bizarre trades in sports history took place. Tom “Bussey” Martin on the Western Hockey League was traded for a used bus.

Martin is a Canadian former ice hockey player. He was a fourth round draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets, 74th overall, at the 1982 NHL Entry Draft. He played 92 NHL games for the Jets, Hartford Whalers and Minnesota North Stars in a career predominantly spent in the AHL. He won the Calder Cup in 1985 and was a First Team AHL All-Star in 1988. Martin is most famous for having his junior playing rights traded in 1983 by the Seattle Breakers to the Victoria Cougars in exchange for the Cougars’ team bus.

"Well, it was used, but it was a fairly recently used. It was a fairly new bus," said Martin. "I know it had bunks on it and it was definitely a team oriented bus. In the Western Hockey League they travel a lot and they need a good bus. Maybe it had better wheels than I did."

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